Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our first family prep discussion.....

     List making was very amusing last night and we're not done. We spent more time laughing and listening to our 9 year old give us reasons why she needs certain things. Her list for her 72 hour BOB was quite impressive though. Regardless of the fact that if we did ever have to bug out and it was cold she would be dressing like a ninja. And I think her father was impressed that she has her own first aid kit that she put together months ago. She's really into this prepping stuff. Her sister on the other hand is our preteen that is going on 21 and needs specific details as to why we are doing this. And thinks if the shtf that we should just move to Bora Bora. Lol! I think once she starts putting her BOB together and she can get more involved she will come around. So here is our basic list of things that we will need for our 72 hr BOB, I will go into more detail in a later post, as I've said our list is not complete and we probably don't need all of these things.....

Fire Starter (I have a cheap one from wal-mart, it has been tested many times and works great)
First Aid Kit (I like to make my own, I will go over that in greater detail later)
550 Cord (my husband makes the bracelets, so we will each have a couple of them)
Sewing kit (these are easily put together too, or the military ones in the green pouch are nice)
Flashlight/headlamp (which ever one you prefer, I like headlamps that way I have both hands free)

   This is just the start of our list. I will elaborate on some of the things later. I hope to not have to use my 72 hour bag, I want to stay in my home, but these bags will go with us when we're out in case we have to hike home. Right now where we live we are not close to anything so if we do have to make our way home on foot its going to take a while. Anyway, now its time for me to go figure out dinner and get my girls from school. Happy Prepping!

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