Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ha ha ha.....

     Ok, I wasn't going to do another random post today, but I had to share this for anyone who may have missed it. Gotta love the Nuge! Leave the man alone. Last time I checked this is still a free country, as of right now anyway. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/secret-looking-ted-nugent-violent-anti-obama-message-225142639.html     I thought it was rather amusing. Have a good night everyone!

I'm tired of this jacked up weather........

           80 degrees yesterday, beautiful day. Now we're at 58 degrees with a high of 61. This may be warm for some people, but my home is Tennessee and I'm still not used to Pittsburgh weather. On another note, it cost me $40 for barely a half tank of gas in the truck and $7 for a pack of cigarettes. Ridiculous! Ok I'm done bitching! Lol! Back to happy mode. As you know my blog is fairly new and I want to thank the people who have joined my blog. I'm very excited to have followers! Thanks to Duke also for the welcome in his blog post. I enjoy reading other blogs, you guys have a wealth of info and it is really helping me out. And its nice to know that we share the same goals and are willing to protect our families at all costs. We did some shopping Saturday night and picked up a few more things. When hubby gets home I will take pics and post them. My phone went swimming in Erin's water dish a while ago and I just haven't went and got a new one. Today I'm going to do some planting and its laundry day. I did have a question for anyone who has a large dog. Do you have a kit for your dog and what is in it?

This is my Erin----->

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lazy Day....

    Well we had no luck finding mushrooms, but hubby was thrilled because he found a crap load of golf balls. And we got to get out and take a hike. Today the girls and I are going to make strawberry fruit leather. We also went to the farm yesterday and found a tomato plant and a citronella plant. Think I will buy the others at Wal-mart, they are much cheaper. $4.99 a plant doesn't work for me. I'm on an army wife budget. Today its raining and yucky outside so we're hanging out in the house and laughing at Man Woman Wild. Love this show! Anyway keeping it short today. We may have a shopping day tomorrow, see what kind of goodies we can find. Happy Prepping!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Going mushroom hunting

     Today when the girls get home we're gonna go up in our woods and look for mushrooms. Something new and fun to get out of the house. We actually have pretty nice weather today so we're going to take advantage of it. They can also gather some wood while we're up there for a fire tonight. And I will teach them how to make kindling for our bobs. I found this article about Morel mushrooms. I think the girls will enjoy the search. Then we will head over to our local farm and see about some tomato plants and maybe some other veges, depends on the price. I have all of these darn plastic ice cream buckets that I saved for whatever reason and now I have found a use for them. Since we will be moving again soon I need a mobile garden so I'm hoping that these containers will be good for some of the things I want to plant. So now its time to get busy. Gotta go get my girls! Happy Prepping!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our first family prep discussion.....

     List making was very amusing last night and we're not done. We spent more time laughing and listening to our 9 year old give us reasons why she needs certain things. Her list for her 72 hour BOB was quite impressive though. Regardless of the fact that if we did ever have to bug out and it was cold she would be dressing like a ninja. And I think her father was impressed that she has her own first aid kit that she put together months ago. She's really into this prepping stuff. Her sister on the other hand is our preteen that is going on 21 and needs specific details as to why we are doing this. And thinks if the shtf that we should just move to Bora Bora. Lol! I think once she starts putting her BOB together and she can get more involved she will come around. So here is our basic list of things that we will need for our 72 hr BOB, I will go into more detail in a later post, as I've said our list is not complete and we probably don't need all of these things.....

Fire Starter (I have a cheap one from wal-mart, it has been tested many times and works great)
First Aid Kit (I like to make my own, I will go over that in greater detail later)
550 Cord (my husband makes the bracelets, so we will each have a couple of them)
Sewing kit (these are easily put together too, or the military ones in the green pouch are nice)
Flashlight/headlamp (which ever one you prefer, I like headlamps that way I have both hands free)

   This is just the start of our list. I will elaborate on some of the things later. I hope to not have to use my 72 hour bag, I want to stay in my home, but these bags will go with us when we're out in case we have to hike home. Right now where we live we are not close to anything so if we do have to make our way home on foot its going to take a while. Anyway, now its time for me to go figure out dinner and get my girls from school. Happy Prepping!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prepping Day 1

         Tonight when hubby gets home we will have our family meeting and make a wish list. Our wish list is what we would like to have. We will ask the girls what they would like to have, which I am going to take a wild guess and say that it will probably not even make the list. Lol! Our daughters are 12 and 9 and our son is 2. They are in serious need of a dose of reality, we have all been spoiled a little too much. After that list is made we will go through and see what we can actually afford. And alternatives to the things we can't right now. We don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on prepping so it will be a little at a time, which I think most people can relate to. My husband is in the army and I do not work so we're not millionaires but we will put forth our best effort, at least we can say we gave 110%. So we will start with our list, it should be amusing at the very least and I will also be ordering some of the books I have picked out. If you have any suggestions for books or items we should have for our list please let us know. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Happy Prepping!

A little about us!

             Ok, so I thought my husband was a nutcase, he is always stocking up on chem lights and other things that I thought were ridiculous. He has several guns and cans of ammo. And I'm sitting back thinking ok this is just some phase he's going through, he is obviously hyper vigilant or something. Whatever! So then he finds this crazy show, everyone knows what I'm talking about, Doomsday Preppers. So he's super excited, "Babe! Come here! You gotta see this!". I don't like it when he says this. Last time these words came out of his mouth it was 5 in the morning, I climb out of my nice warm bed, walk out through the garage in the freezing cold to find out that my car slid off the side of the driveway and was almost in my neighbor's tree. So no, don't say this to me! Anyway, being the good wife that I am I sit down on the couch and start watching a bunch of crazy people preparing for the end of the world aka when the SHTF. "This is insane, I'm not going to waste an hour of my life watching this crap with you!" Long story short, yes most of these people are extreme, but now I'm hooked. Now that my husband has made some very good points as to why we should start prepping and I have started paying more attention to the economy and the state that our country is in.....etc, I agree with him completely. We would do anything for each other and we would do anything for our kids. So please join us on our journey as we start prepping for when the SHTF.