Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm tired of this jacked up weather........

           80 degrees yesterday, beautiful day. Now we're at 58 degrees with a high of 61. This may be warm for some people, but my home is Tennessee and I'm still not used to Pittsburgh weather. On another note, it cost me $40 for barely a half tank of gas in the truck and $7 for a pack of cigarettes. Ridiculous! Ok I'm done bitching! Lol! Back to happy mode. As you know my blog is fairly new and I want to thank the people who have joined my blog. I'm very excited to have followers! Thanks to Duke also for the welcome in his blog post. I enjoy reading other blogs, you guys have a wealth of info and it is really helping me out. And its nice to know that we share the same goals and are willing to protect our families at all costs. We did some shopping Saturday night and picked up a few more things. When hubby gets home I will take pics and post them. My phone went swimming in Erin's water dish a while ago and I just haven't went and got a new one. Today I'm going to do some planting and its laundry day. I did have a question for anyone who has a large dog. Do you have a kit for your dog and what is in it?

This is my Erin----->

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  1. Hi, Heidi- Erin's a good looking puppy.
    I have two pups now and when it comes to being prepared, they're definitely part of the plan. For them, a fifty pound bag of Kibbles will last almost a month, so it's buy one to feed, buy two to store, rotate as needed. Kibbles is only part of their diet, however. I listen to the scanner all the time, and whenever there's a call for a hit deer, I'm on the way, and there are quite a few every week. Excellent feed for the kids and they love it. (The smell gets kind'a raunchy after a while, so feed it fast.) And the bones are good for their teeth.
    If it's a Bug-Out situation, I will haul along 100 pounds of Kibbles in the truck camper, but that's just a stop-gap to prevent starvation. The biggest share of their food will be roadkill or whatever we can hunt- or they can catch. Foxes and wolves have a large mouse diet, there's no reason a dog can't as well. Of course, some may be squeamish about this, but will change their tune when needed, or their pups will go hungry.
    The biggest problem after feeding them, if not while, is keeping their coats clean and free of debris and bugs. Flea collars are definitely a stock-up item, and a hairbrush will be a good idea. And trust me, in the bush, your dog is going to be a tick and burr magnet. My Golden is a rectal pain sometimes, the Russell not so much. Toe nails won't grow much if they're doing a lot of running, but probably wouldn't hurt to have a pair.
    As for the dogs doing their share of work- there are some serious backpackers who have packs for their dogs as well, like saddlebags. You may be able to google them- and the pup can carry its own weight. Or a sled team... you get the idea.